Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro d'Italia, Stage 17: Canazei - Sega di Ala 193 km

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How acquainted shall we be with the finish line during the stage?

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  • Just the regular Bernie stuff

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  • Few shots due to loss of live coverage

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  • They might show some shots of more than a few seconds...

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  • All the finish line shots!

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Not a particularly impressive final climb from the favourites, perhaps with the exception of Almeida. Everyone from Ulissi/Caruso down essentially climbing at the same pace as Martin (admittedly he was very very strong today, but he was also doing lots of work in the break). Going even further everyone from Bardet down climbed pretty much slower than Pedrero.

I think Bernal can count himself fairly lucky that there was not only Martinez, but also Caruso and latterly Bilbao pulling to save time in 2nd otherwise he could've shipped even more time. Sets things up nicely for the final stages and time trial if everyone is getting tired for some chaos.
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people are drawing weird conclusions (foss > evenepoel) based on a race where evenepoel returns after like 3 months of serious training.

I'd wait a bit until I see Evenepoel start with some race rythm and a proper preparation.
Evenepoel is very talented tt'er but he has big work to do with positioning, bike handling, high power production to excel in GT's. Bit Tony Martin now, needs to train more with Alaphilippe....
if Remco didn't crash (might not be his fault now but still..)

And he was there to make pace when QS was leading the charge, maybe they would be close enough for Almeida to take the stage win as well. (if everything else would have been the same that is).
Wonder if that's the reason he rode back up actually now that you mention it. Maybe he was feeling ok and Almeida said he was feeling very strong and wanted the stage so Remco was asked to go up to ride on the front.
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of days that highly. In part it all comes down to parcours and how the race develops. Overall while that performance was promising I think that was kind of a peculiar Giro. Almeida's performance was impressive but not because of how long he held the jersey imo.

Keep in mind that he only grabbed it by being less than 1s ahead of the breakaway. But I can grant that Almeida would have taken it over a few stages later anyway. But mostly Almeida's run in pink got greatly aided by Wilco Kelderman being bad in the prologue. Like really wtf happened there. If Kelderman rides a decent prologue for his level than Almeida's run in pink may have been shortened quite a bit.

Anyway whole point is that I find looking at amount of days in pink a bit too results based. Because of how much variance there is to how hard it is to keep the jersey and the luck that
That prologue was weird because wind threw off half of the field's times.
Maybe Fortunato didn't pay the check to be on the Giro d'Italia team.

But nice result. It shows that he was fortunate, but not lucky to win atop of Zoncolan!
Yeah, probably.
The team also didn't resign Monsalve after he had ridden a good Giro in 2015 (3rd on the stage that Formolo won, when Astana went ballistic, from a 12 men group).
Yes, it shows that he has good legs atm and that it wasn't just luck.
In terms of the quality of the ride, this would be his most impressive win by a big margin.
Paulo saldanha, the new coach of team Israel start up, and the coach of woods, martin and froome are doing a great job. Woods and martin are in the shape of their lifes this year. Let's see if saldanha can do a miracle with froome ah ah.
DQS stoped evaluating the situation properly even before the race when they gave the 91 number to Remco
I agree, that was a mistake. The last I heard before the start of the Giro was that Remco was to have a free role. Would have been more appropriate to give Almeida the No. 1, then. That would have been better for everyone involved, I think.
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