Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro Rosa - 2nd to 11th July

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I think Cille was mainly helping Cavalli and/or Muzic to get into a good position, cause she was visible in the front group at one point.

37 seconds isn't much between NFB and Realini, but SD Worx will probably try to defend the jersey. But if they use the same tactic with NFB making the initial attack, then Realini or Muzic could possibly close the gap.
The BEX trio of Amanda Spratt, Georgia Williams and Grace Brown all went down yesterday, and Brown unfortunately has to abandon due to a shoulder injury. Spratt has been cleared to start today, while Williams's fate will be determined this morning.

Edit: Williams is not taking the start today.
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Clara Koppenburg was involved in a crash with Sofia Bertizzolo and has to abandon the race. Alexis Ryan is also out.

MP and ELB have to the peloton 2:20 with 20 km left. Bastianelli and Anouska Koster are somewhere in between.
VDB, Vollering, Fisher-Black, Spratt, Merino, Cavalli, Muzic, Amialiusik, García, Guderzo, Thomas, Labous, Lippert and Deignan are in the group of favourites. No Realini apparently.

Ash has ridden away from ELB with 8 km to go.