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Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro Rosa - 2nd to 11th July

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Results now on First Cycling.

Moolman Pasio won by 1:26 ahead of Vollering and Van der Breggen, Cavalli 13 seconds further back.

The unknown placings 6-11 were Garcia, Labous, Guderzo, Fisher-Black, Muzic, Realini.

Fisher-Black took 30 seconds in the white jersey competition, now leads by 1:09.

Van der Breggen leads the GC now by 1:23, Cavalli (6th) and Realini (10th) into the top 10 at the expense of Chabbey and Magnaldi.
Cavalli was the only one who was able to follow Vollering and Van der breggen, but she had to give up inside the final 500m.
If it hadn't been for the TTT she would have finished fourth. At least she will win the maglia azzurra, because Magnaldi had an awful day and lost more than six minutes.

SD Worx now leads 4 out of 6 competitions. They'll probably lose one of those, but then Moolman-Pasio still has chance of winning the QOM.

This is highly reminiscent of what happened when they finished on Altopiano di Montasio a couple of years ago. We knew that Anna was chasing Annemiek. Then we knew they were together. Then there was no signal. Then we heard Anna had won, but no time gaps. Then we heard Moolman-Pasio and Spratt had finished but no idea of timegaps or what position. It took an age for information to filter through.

We did have broadcast issues with Prato Nevoso, but we didn't have total radio silence. However, it seems that we do get issues with the broadcast in the Friulian mountains every time the race goes there, which makes me wonder if it's a geographical thing.

Anyway, it looks like a safe podium for SD Worx, first lockout since 2014 Rabo (and that was without the benefit of their main competition and another rider off the previous year's podium not starting!), and great for Ash to belatedly get her first Giro stage win. And we may just have lost the one race in a year where Lizzie Deignan subsumes her own goals to those of the team, since the Giro was the only time she would be a good teammate back in the day (kidding on the square, she's been a much more team-oriented rider since returning from the baby break). And Niamh Fisher-Black does what should be enough to guarantee the maglia bianca. And sad to see the DNFs for Koppenburg and Rooijakkers, two riders who would have been looking forward to today.
Van der Breggen, Chabbey, Rivera, Brand and Deignan are leading the stage with a gap of 2:28
They were being followed by a group consisting of Moolman Pasio, Fisher-Black, Vollering, García, Cavalli, Muzic, Thomas, Roy, Labous, Lippert and Longo Borghini, but I'm not sure if they are all back in the peloton now.