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2021 Trentino European Championships 8-12 September

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The length was probably talked about last year and the year before as well.

So, who's your outright favourite for the men's road race?

And the women - van Vleuten? Vos? Balsamo?

Colbrelli and Vos seem like good picks here, though Sagan should never be underestimated in a championship race.
Trentin would probably also love to win on home roads. The Italian team is the strongest, but almost every other team can't rely on a sprint, so they will have to attack. The French team is very suited at doing exactly that, before Evenepoel takes over with 50 km to go ;)

In the women's race it will depend on how early the selection is made. The Dutch team will probably attack all over the place, and if one of them gets a gap, either solo or in the right group, she will probably win. Kopecky shouldn't be underestimated either though, if she is up there at the finish.
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I recently picked him in the "Guess Who Game" for the exact same reason. I believe the mother is Lithuanian. His sister Gloria is also a cyclist. Their father Francis is a DJ/record producer turned cycling coach and team manager of the Cannibal youth team.
So Vlad from the Cannibal Team... sounds rather creepy. I'm thinking about the team's HQ in old castle somewhere in the Romania.
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I’ve only seen Fillippo Zana a few times (today and l’Avenir) but he already seems like one of the most dislikeable riders I’ve ever seen. Jesus Christ, he’s absolutely allergic to putting his nose in the wind or do any kind of work that doesnt only benefit himself.
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