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Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia, Stage 11: Santarcangelo di Romagna – Reggio Emilia 203 km (Wednesday, May 18th)

From @Eshnar's excellent 2022 Giro d'Italia: Stage-by-stage Analysis thread: https://forum.cyclingnews.com/threads/2022-giro-ditalia-stage-by-stage-analysis.37819/#post-2691569

Stage 11: Santarcangelo di Romagna – Reggio Emilia 203 km
Wednesday, May 18th, 12:20 CET



Technical Overview:
The typical stage going along the Via Emilia. Flat and straight. The only twist this year is the fact that it is a long stage (for this Giro standards…), probably due to the detour that the peloton will take just after Bologna, that will prevent this stage from having literally zero turns.

Final km:


What to expect:
Bunch sprint


Reggio Emilia
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Isn't it tail/side wind? That could cause echelons. 25 km/h and stronger gusts. I think it will be fast and nervous. Hopefully no favorites crash out.

on the windy thing (what looks like dirt on the screenshot are all animated wind arrows) it looks more like tailwind for all the early part. Full crosswind in the end then (although the first half goes through city centers, so may be sheltered)

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It's the cheese stage, so I fully expect the former Paris-Camembert winner Lilian Calmejane to hit the breakaway and take a glorious win or the other fomer cheese race champion Valverde to win the sprint.
Given the quality of the stage it should be the Puzzone stage, even if it's not taking place in Moena di Fassa (Puzzone is a smelly cheese from that area, the name literally means stinker)
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