Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia, Stage 20: Belluno – Marmolada 168 km (Saturday, May 28th)

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I honestly thought the first two weeks of the Giro were really nice. Nothing too spectacular but certainly did the job and set everything up nicely for a big third week. But the last three mountain stages have been extremely disappointing. As the last mountain stage, this might be worse than Morzine in the 2016 Tour, the worst I remember.
I all welcome you to the dungeon of Petulant Whiners United

On this blessed day, we are all Terutsuyoshi.

I think that's Ciccone's 2nd place in the KOM classification secure. Given his lack of preparation, he should have just ridden for stages and KOM from the start, rather than GC. But, Trek..

And unless Kamna wins today, Rosa is likely to finish third. He's barely featured for the last 10 days, but like everything else in this race, KOM has been uncontested and uneventful.