Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia: Who is going to win? Second rest day poll.

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Who will win the 2022 Giro d'Italia?

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The Spanish guy from Trek, Juan Pedro Lopez, is a good climber and a good GT rider, who has the endurance you need for three weeks. He has been the race leader now for quite some time, which will give him a lot of motivation.

On Blockhaus, he lost some time, I know. But maybe he surprises us, and will keep his lead?

Sunday afternoon in seven days, the Giro is over. Maybe Juan Pedro Lopez keeps his race lead until the end? He just has to follow the best in the mountains. In the final TT then, the pink jersey could give him wings.

What do you think? Is Juan Pedro Lopez capable of winning the Giro 2022, or is it too early for him?

Before the race, Lopez and Trek in general were clear outsiders. Now, from day to day, he and his team get stronger. I think it‘s not impossible any more that JPL wins the final GC…
I guess anything is possible but Juan Pedro Lopez himself doesn't seem that confident he can win the Giro and speaks of a top 10

Remember as I said in my rambling post LOL, on Blockhaus he had the breakaway in his legs now with a rest day and a few relatively easy stages where he isn't in the wind. I don't think the Blockhaus stage can be definitively used as a measure of his climbing. We will see but I think he will stay high on the general classification top 10 maybe top 5. Is he a GC type rider, not sure of that, but we will find out at the end of the Giro. I don't remember where he was in the TT so that will effect his results for the GC.