2022 National Championships

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Rory Townsend as one of those "domestic amateur riders" still deserves a mention, though, I'd say. He'll be hard to beat for Dunbar, I guess, especially in pouring rain now. The other two in front are Cormac McGeoough (Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling) and Dean Harvey (Spellman-Dublin Port), who I'd say is the only real amateur up there

I was operating on the (unfounded?) assumption that random Conti and national elite riders with few prospects of a pro contract arent of much wider interest. I agree that Townsend is the favourite from this position.
any idea if they came to some kind of agreement to secure the win for Großschartner? With Haller in 5th only it doesn't look like a normal sprint result at least.

I guess the Bora guys dropped everyone and then decided Großschartner riding the TdF in the national jersey looks good.