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2022 PostNord Danmark Rundt, August 16-20

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G + loads of Danes
What? Yes, Skjelmose was way too cocky as a teenager but he seems really likeable now.

I don't really agree. He seemed alright in the long Forhjulslir podcast where he explained everything about how he was a complete jack when he was a junior and how he got to be suspended but even if he may have matured somewhat, I still find him to have a very short patience with journalists.

I'm just really not into very temperamental people.
Right now, the chance of rain (and thunder) in the Brande/Ikast/Herning is above 70% at 3PM-4PM where the riders are tackling most of the gravel roads.

There will also be heavy rain in the mourning.

Riders with cyclocross experience could have an advantage if it gets muddy. Some of the sectors are more like going off road than riding on fine Strade gravel.