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Giro d'Italia 2023 Giro d’Italia, Stage 20: Tarvisio- Monte Lussari, 18.6km MTT

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As been said, if this stage was yesterday before the Queen stage, then it'll be a lot better, but as we have the gimmick stage to round things off, I predict a gimmick winner! Arensman, after yesterday's showing, to race up the climb, threaten G on GC, told to knock it back by the DS, then soft pedal to the finish.
Thinking of many Roglic fans have apparently been bused in, how much room is there on the climb for fans? Things could get crowded up there.
Arensman becomes at least 5th on the general classification with a good performance on Luschariberg. Maybe even 4th if Caruso cracks completely. The Dutchman will give it everything today and IMHO is a hot favorite to win atop Luschariberg together with Vine!

Hasn't Kuss significantly bettered in TT's though? Maybe the American is up for a surprise!
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A fan

Hopefully Rogla won't do a warm-up ride all the way to the finish, right? This will stay in the legs even if tackled at a low pace (due to a monstrous gradient and a big force needed to push forward).
Yeah, they talked about this on Eurosport yesterday and the presenters all had the opinion that a full course ride would be a bad idea both physiologically and logistically.