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Giro d'Italia 2023 Giro d'Italia, Stage 19: Longarone – Tre Cime di Lavaredo 183 km (Friday, May 26th)

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Funny, I have the complete opposite take. With 30 sec between them, I imagine they're gonna be riding quite conservatively tomorrow precisely because of that MTT coming up. A MTT is still a TT. Which means you get to decide exactly when and where you're gonna exert yourself. It's almost a safe haven of sorts, amongst tough mountain stages where you're not in control of the rythm: you are forced to react to other teams upping the pace or attacking. In a TT you get to decide how to pace your ride the whole way. Yes, this is a MTT, but the top-3 are all great climbers as well as TT specialists so I think that's the stage they're gonna focus on.
Now if the gaps amongst the top-3 were a bit bigger, I'd imagine a more exciting stage, with the one(s) a bit behind going full-attack mode, but in the scenario as it is? I wouldn't get my hopes up too much for this stage. I'd love to be proven wrong of course.

On another note: I can't actually remember Thomas doing a MTT. He must have at some point I assume, I just can't remember it. He should be pretty good at it I reckon, but does anybody know about his previous results in a similar stage?
I guess my point was that the tension will be there regardless because no one knows what will happen later so no one knows where they stand.

But I also doubt Thomas and Roglic will want to leave it for tomorrow if they can make a difference today. That cumulative inbuilt uncertainty will heighten still the chance any situation on the road will be the opportunity to decide the Giro. Which will in and of itself will make the stage extra crispy. But YMMV.