Giro d'Italia 2023 Giro d'Italia: Who is going to win? Pre-race poll.

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Who will win the 2022 Giro d'Italia?

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To me Fabbro looked fine as a climbing domestique in the TotA. Set a good pace on the mtf and when he was done Konrad couldn't pull for a long time, he was cooked and the gap to Dombrowski was no longer going down for a moment.
more of a side note (unrelated to Fabbro, I guess), but Konrad will do both, Giro and Tour, so he probably wasn't quite supposed to be at his best yet in TotA.
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Still four days time to sign Nairo :p
Quintana has now announced to make an announcement later on today:


It's still a long shot, I guess, but normally you would expect Corratec to be one of the first teams to publish their Giro team, for a bit of a media hype at least...

edit: Corratec's social media account already denied that there's any relation
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Serry was always going to go imho. With Hirt and Cattaneo joining the Giro squad, they chose an extra guy for the flat over a climber that climbs backwards.
yeah, you're right. Serry/Masnada was the change compared to the provisional start list, but according to Belgian press today, he was already certain before. It was Ballerini who came in for Masnada.

Lodewyck: "He [Masnada] did a good Volta a Catalunya, but also not more than that. In Romandie he caught a cold and as he wasn't feeling his best, we decided to not select him on his request. Another four riders came into consideration instead, and Ballerini got the nod. Two guys are still on standby and have to be ready, just in case."
Sending Palzer to the Giro is most certainly more about marketing then anything, but Fabbro has done absolutely nothing since T-A 21 and will be out of World Tour by the end of the year. It's a pity that Wandahl got hurt as he could have taken Palzers spot but I would have gone with Gamper or Lipowitz in that situation.

Palzer rode ok in Frankfurt so maybe the watts are there but in the end neither Palzer or Fabbro are doing anything for you in a GT team.

Lol, what? Fabbro has been an amazing helper for two seasons. He's not going for his own results, but whenever you saw someone working really hard for the Bora team as a domestique in the mountains it was Fabbro. Did you watch? The others are a lot worse, and I don't know why they took off Fabbro from the Giro team, but I'm sure it wasn't because he's not good enough.
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Remember when Contador called Van der Poel for the GC podium? This is at least slightly less insane.

Very slightly more likely than a medal in the Paris Olympic race for which the athletics correspondent of the Irish Independent was tipping him.
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I've been watching some Giro previews & some podcasts. Lanterne Rouge in particular.

It's sort of funny to me how the closer we get to the Giro, the more amnesiac a lot of commentators become, i.e. people predicting Almeida will win (that was Patrick Broe) or some other convoluted scenario where Evenepoel & Roglic do a Nibali-Roglic from the 2019 Giro whilst the 2023 equivalent of Carapaz rides up the road.... no. Not this time.

Crashes & misfortunate notwithstanding (& this is always something to consider), I believe we're going to see the biggest GC gaps in the Giro in a very long time. The two at the top with a huge gap behind them... & crumbs for the rest. This route is ridiculously hard IMO & it absolutely favors creating monster gaps, especially because the two strongest guys will pretty much force each other to go full in; like in Catalunya where the third man (Almeida) was 2 minutes down with no ITT either.

I have my personal favorite but it's honestly too close to call (if someone is a betting person) between Evenepoel & Rog. The rest though are behind. A bit like in the TdF with Vingegaard & Pogacar head & shoulders above everyone else.

I don't see any surprises happening here.
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Finally it's this time of the year again. My favourite race is here. I sincerely hope for a thrilling battle to take place. And may someone else join the two favourites, because I don't like either of them, especially the ski jumper. Can't wait for the start.
Pretty sure Logic would say Evenepoel. :p
I did end up voting Evenepoel, though i certainly don't think it's a sure thing. The main reason is i'm not very confident in SQS's DS. He usually has one plan, but it's always the same plan and if that doesn't work out, i fear he lacks the tactical nous to change it up or seize opportunities. Jumbo has a lot more experience in 3 week GC racing, and even though their Giro team is weaker than QuickStep, i don't think it will make much of a difference in practice, because more often than not, the teams will be riding with each other, more so than against each other. The moment their goals no longer align, will be in the final of a tough stage, when it will be Roglic +Kuss vs Evenepoel + Hirt or Van Wilder.
Roglic also is a conservative and clinical rider who should get the nod when it comes to managing efforts over 3 weeks. Evenepoel will need to be significantly stronger to take pink home. If it's close in terms of physical strength, i think Roglic has the best chances while annoying Evenepoel into submission. That said i expect Evenepoel to be stronger than at the Vuelta, and the stronger overall. I think he can take 2 to 3 minutes in the TT's (yes, i also think the MTT is tailored for an Evenepoel wattbomb) so that should give him a tactical advantage to draw Roglic out.
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I don't think it is predictable how the favorites will handle the third week, which has 15,000 meters of climbing. It's not a given for Evenepoel, nor Roglic or the others. If someone has a big lead, he can be attacked. If it is a tight GC, everyone will race hard enough to discourage moves from the frontrunners. At this point it comes down to attrition, but then there is the last TT up a mountain, which could be decisive. We should know already something after stage 9, but surprises always abound in the Giro. The TTs should stir the waters, but the mountains shall have the final say.
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