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55th GP Frankfurt, 1st May 2017, 216 km, 1.UWT

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RedheadDane said:
LaFlorecita said:
Akuryo said:
That toddler-race just now was too cute :D
Apparently John Degenkolb's son was among them :)

Would be pretty awesome if he was the kid who won - by severeal (tiny) bike lengths. Imagine if he would be able to talk about that day he and daddy took place in the "same" race, he won, but daddy didn't. :D
I noticed the kid also has the same head-bobbing sprinting style, it would be cool if it was Degenkolb's son :p
The full name? The Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt one?
I think it's funny. Maybe because it - to me - makes it look like they're simply riding in circles around a "finance place*".
Then again; I think Omloop Het Nieuwsblad makes it look like they're riding in circles around a newspaper, so maybe it's just me being weird...

*Can't figure out how to translate the "platz". I can translate it to Danish, but that's not really gonna help...
Jul 19, 2009
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Conditions in Bergen in September could be very wet and similar to Frankfurt. On average it rains 228mm in September there and it could be windy as well. Wind tends to come from the west making the Salmon Hill head wind although the mountains nearby can effect both direction and strength of the wind. If the wind is strong and comes from the west, the passing of the bridge "Puddefjordsbroen" will be very exposed and a bit uphill as well. Could be exciting.
They changed the course a bit for 2018...


Großer Feldberg - Ruppertshain - Mammolshainer - Billtalhöhe - Ruppertshain - Mammolshainer - Billtalhöhe - Ruppertshain - Mammolshainer - Mammolshainer - Hainer Weg
I like the idea of bringing a platform to attack closer to the finish as it really needed the right composition of break to take it all the way from the Mammolshainer Berg in recent years owing to the fairly straight and wide roads from Königstein back to Rödelheim on the outskirts of Frankfurt favouring the bunch. Hainer Weg of course is a bit more authentic for the old Henninger Turm days, although the climb really isn't particularly selective. The most selective climbs in the Frankfurt conurbation are over to the east though, around Bergen-Enkheim, which has a couple of short and sharp digs, but would entail moving the legitimately selective climbs further from the finish since you'd have to traverse the city, with the Taunus mountains being to the northwest.