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57th De Brabantse Pijl, 12th April (1.HC, 197km)

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Sep 20, 2011
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Re: Re:

trucido said:
SKSemtex said:
tobydawq said:
I guess a podium spot would have been sufficient. But yes, it was his first race after that incident.

But how he was toying with GvA and Gilbert back then. It's quite strange that they are so much closer to each another now, level-wise, considering how much younger Sagan is.

If just sagan could still improve with the age like GVA :D . But we all know it is not possible.

Hey Gilbert's done it too, why can't Sagan? Though this conversation probably belongs in another section of the forum ;)

Yup, 2017 clearly has seen another scientific breakthrough concerning Belgian babyfood.
Re: Re:

Anderis said:
El Pistolero said:
This race should be WT, always a fun one. Hopefully Gilbert can blow this race apart, maybe together with Wellens.
I think it's good to have some good races that are outside of WT. Not that many of them left since Strade Bianche and Omloop got promoted this year.

Damn straight! Why do all fun races have to be WT, I think the WT is already to big and the more races promoted the less importance a WT status for a race matters. They really should of given Paris-Tours WT status before anything else they promoted
Keram said:
SKSemtex said:
Looking at this finish you finally understand how GVA was improved last 4 years. :D


Oh boy everyone was scared Sagan 4 years ago already. Everybody at his wheel whole last 2km. He was strong back then as now and he was even calmer at the finish than now :surprised:

Anyway Vakoc ftw

It was not only last 2 km. There was attack after the attack he had to chase by himself. It was his 2013 peak And suddenly after few days, he faded dramatically in AGR.

I never saw him so strong again. Until RVV 2016. (probably n Quebec, Montreal that year)
Apr 14, 2010
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Valv.Piti said:
Gilbert the wheel sucker in the peloton as always waiting for the last hill, tsh

How many races this spring has he won off the front from long range? I don't think you can call him a wheelsucker at this point.