A coffee and a small Danish.

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Exactly! I am the innocent one here. He's got a girlfriend recently btw, I was happy all day after seeing it :)

Congratulations, I assume it's you ;)

But would you be a little worried, if he suddenly appeared in your bedroom, sitting on a chair reading a story?

I would be thinking I was having a weird dream and be more confused than Jonas Vingegaard. But it wouldn't be the first time I had fell asleep in the wrong bed.
Hey it's actually an interesting question which rider one wants to suddenly appear in ones bedroom reading a story. I'd probably pick someone whose voice I haven't even heard :D
Which was the Cofidis rider was it answering the accusation about them being vampires? :D
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Geschke, I think.

And I don't want anyone to randomly appear in my bedroom!
I was wondering if it was him :D

I agree with you! It sounds like an absolutely horrendous experience for real. But since one is going to die anyway maybe it would be better with a vampire as it might just give eternal life if I turn into one?

Not sure I want eternal life though :O And eternal life as a Cofidis cyclist might be traumatic as hell :smilingimp:
I think having a living goat in your bedroom would be a recipe for disaster.

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