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A strong immune system?

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Jun 19, 2009
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TheDude said:
The pros don't train in China. Not sure where you are, but air pollutant levels in most cities are 10 times or more higher than allowed by law in the U.S. Have you tried a good-quality dust mask (not just cloth)?

The best racers I've known could handle changes in food, heat/humidity and still recover. The best of them couldn't handle either really unclean air or a new batch of allergens. You could be dealing with one or both.
Jan 13, 2010
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Sorry about the Keith Richards crack--it was a bit off the wall.

But, if plenty of rest and good nutrition isn't enough to keep respiratory problems at bay, I recommend an examination by an eye-ear-nose-and-throat specialist. They can find things that most general practitioners don't look for.
The trick is to smoke a good filtered cigarette to clean the air you breathe. Save money and forget all the snake oil suggestions you're getting here. Pollution from the Asian continent reaches the west coast of the States daily. The tendency around here is to stick your head in the sand and deny reality - 15 km from city centre on the clean side of town is just one example. If you're really serious about your training, I hear the bar called Sin near the Four Seasons has the cleanest air (120's ppm with 150 ppm considered the high end of safe). It sure is better than the 230 ppm that Shanghai averages. Perhaps you could make a deal with Sin management to set up your trainer during off hours. Like others mentioned, the pros don't train in China, for good reasons.