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Apr 19, 2010
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Hey Joe,

Im tempted to ask where you going with that gun in your hand.
But more than listening to Jimmy Hendrix, ive always wondered about doping in masters and the lower rungs of pro cycling.
Sorry if im raising something already answered before or asking a question that you dont want to answer, but I thought its worth a stab.

Back in the good old days, teams could buy for their riders. Or well to do riders who can afford to pay expensive spanish gynecologists probably had all the leg work done for them.

But for the more average rider who cant drop 50K a year on their doping program, where does one look?

I had an ex girlfriend who worked in a lab who jokingly asked me if i wanted some epo, but thats as close as I have ever goten to performance enhancing drugs. TBH ive often wondered what it would be life to be superman, but id be too darned scared to do it and have to monitor blood values. And I'm a med student.
Everybody knows somebody who can get them a joint and probably a few pills for a big night out, but is it the same for PEDs?
Does one order off the internet? Is it through a dodgy doctor?
And isnt taking the stuff really quite scary?
Jul 29, 2010
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Joe WAS selling it on the internet. :)

I'm sure its not too hard in the US peloton or in the European peloton to ask around. Ppl talk. Besides it seems as a rider in European working your way up, at some point you'll be given the talk by your team manager, told you really need to be on a "program" to reach your full potential.

As for scary to take PEDs, why? As long as ppl you trust and have confidence in give you instructions, why be scared. Were you scared the first time your mother gave you a children's aspirin??