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Ferminal said:
Last time I checked there wasn't clear evidence of cryo stuff being useful for aerobic efforts (anaerobic I think is clearer).
From what I've seen, the results are clear(ish), but the conclusions are not. So when a study shows that it helps recovery (say, that after cold therapy, subjects were able to repeat exercise at whatever intensity), many assume that it is a good training intervention ("recovery is good!).

The conclusion of course, it that recovery does note equal adaptation.

The best analyses I've read is that many recovery aids aid recovery because they dampen the stress response. Anti-inflammatories, cold thereapy ect. The problem is that in exercise, the goal is a stress-adaptaion cycle, so dampening the stress means the body has lower target to adapt to, and thus a smaller training effect.

So, these recovery aids would serve better during competition than during training. In theory.

Everyone agrees though (or should agree, at least), that nothing is crystal clear. The use over three weeks hasn't been studied, and most studies are not done on elite athletes. Most studies are also not done on athletes that may or may not be doping; it will not be known how drugs interact with that recovery/adaptation process...

Other factors are that different work loads apply different stresses. An aerobic effort can cause muscle damage and micro tears, and an anaerobic effort could not, depending on the whole volume. Different stressors (and their signaling) also interact with each other, so it is not just aerobic/aerobic, resistance/endurance, heat/normal conditions, etc...
Oct 16, 2010

GuyIncognito said:
Jokes aside, how does it jive with the theories of AG2R being pumped to the gills? The guy left and improved tremendously.
ag2r 2013 was quite an improvement from 2012 as well.
with the exception of houanard, theories of AG2R being turbocharged (or say, having 'upped' their game) i think relate mainly to their improved results in 2013/14/15, i.e. a period that doesn't concern elmiger.
Mar 13, 2009

sniper said:
Catwhoorg said:
A souped up ice bath ?

Personally I have never found those to be beneficial, but then again I don't have the training/racing load these guys do.

I have heard of cryotherapy being used by long distance runners as well.
also in football and other sports. it's growing in popularity.
not likely to be used in isolation, imo.
more likely a smokescreen for a whole set of illegal recovery methods.

Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy for Sport

Following trauma injury / Surgery

Reduction of pain
Reduction of post traumatic treatmen
Inhibition of inflammation

Post-Training / Competition

Increase in muscle strength
Increase in performance
Reduction in the regeneration phase
Improvement of joint function
Decrease in muscle tension over longer application
Golf: US Ryder Cup Team
Rugby: Ireland Rugby Team
Rugby: Wales Rugby Team
Football: Bolton Wanderers
F1: Mark Webber
I saw a thing on TV once about patients with chronical pain after injury, and they said it helps them if applied regularly