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Every other rider on the planet including froome , Arnstrong , Quintana , Evans , Shleck basically every one he has ridden against had bad days on the bike or just Normal days like this. Contador is not allowed to come anywhere below 3rd
I don't necessarily think it was a bad result, but he didn't look good at all on the first category. Its relatively easy to to judge Contador on his facial expression and how he sits on the bike and he looked on the limit on that first category.
Feb 21, 2017
He seems to look ill, or just not where he wants to be form-wise. That little dig he took on the group is the sort of thing that feels somewhat last resort, though on the other hand I suppose it could have been a leg stretcher or educational dig to check out how others react. You never know with him.
Anyways, I've said from the start of the season that the marker always would be Couilloile and I still maintain that. Thats the big test, not a murito - it needs to be at least 2 km to get a real indication IMO, altho I agree it wasn't spectacular by no means today.
of course. bertie's clearly tuned himself to Couilloile today. straight from the beginning of the final hill it was obvious he wasn't going to compete against henao or allaphilippe in short explosive effort. tomorrow will be a real test, today's stage was just a little prep.
What about this:

The final climb that day: