Teams & Riders Alberto Contador Discussion Thread

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Jul 6, 2016
I freaking want that kit. Or any fancy kit that has his logo or name on it. But for devil's sake it's not available.

Anyway, I'm fine with his retirement now. His legacy stands rock solid. Almost every day I take my bike and go for a four hour ride, bringing as much honour as possible to El Profeta. When the panache is nowhere to find, you'll have to recreate it yourself.

rick james said:
He’s on uk Eurosport...tell you what, that’s some well mainted eyebrows, he’s paid good money for someone to shape them
Maybe his wife does it for him, I know I would

I can't believe I missed Berto :( looked for a stream but couldn't find one
I read something about him being a guest in Processo alla tappa, hope that's true
Re: Re:

silvergrenade said:
LaFlorecita said:
rick james said:
Valv.Piti said:
Damn Froome looks horrible in those glasses. Viviani for that matter as well.
aye but what about Berties eyebrows...pure sex
they're well-groomed, the beard as well, but he's no Fuglsang :p
I saw some gaps in his beard...
Is that style? :razz:
those are scars :)
he needs a hair transplant ;)
Even though Froome beat him
A fair amount of the time , you just know deep down he is so glad that berto isn't around. Dealing with Tom D is an absolute laugh compared to top grade Contador or Quintana. Froome wouldn't have even raised a heart beat reacting to Tom
I dunno. I feel like if he had been here, he would have been the one who would have crashed early and lost time early, then he and Froome would have co-attacked on the Finestre and worked well together until Froome revealed his mutant powers and dropped Contador. But I learned to be fatalistic as a Contador fan in later years...