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Red Rick said:
Does anyone rembemer how incredibly fat Contador was in 2013? One pic should tell us enough that it's not gonna be like that
Come on, don't exaggerate :p
Aug 4, 2011
I think you can look back and see Bertie has had serious knee issues. I think there was a spell where Bertie just did not look his usual self on his bike. His ITT really went downhill and he just did look comfortable especially on his TT bike. 2013 he was at his worse. I thought we would never see the old Bertie again but he proved us wrong and I am looking forward to seeing him decimate the field at the Giro.
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movingtarget said:
LaFlorecita said:
movingtarget said:
I don't give Contador any chance of winning the Tour. I just don't think the double is possible anymore. Possible to make the podium of the Tour at best I think. Even if he sees off Porte and even if he has a margin of a few minutes on Aru and Uran he still has to ride a three week race on a hard course and if he is leading going into the final week he will have to defend his lead against attacks that will surely come. The Tour is a stressful race and faster with all the other pressures as the biggest bike race in the world against a fresh Froome and Quintana. I think the recovery time between races is against him and even Contador has admitted that himself. Of course if Froome and Quintana turn up at the Tour and have bad luck or are not in the best of form, that changes things completely but you always need some luck to win a GT especially avoiding illness and bad falls re last year's Tour for Froome and Contador.
So why did you say you don't give him any chance to win the Tour? :confused:

Contador thinks it is possible, and that's all I need to know. I think he is very realistic about his chances, he says it will be very difficult but certainly not impossible.

Because I think it's more unlikely than likely. What happened in last year's Tour ruined the race for many fans. The odds are it won't happen again this year and of course Nibali will also be there as well now that Astana have survived. Contador is going up against riders in the Giro that have never won a GT. In The Tour he is up against GT winners, one is a multiple winner and the other two have multiple podiums and GT wins. I just think Contador will be up against it. The fans will believe of course at least many of them.

'Very difficult but possible', says it all. There are many, including me, that think it is isn't likely but it is Possible and if there is anyone that can accomplish it, it is Alberto. So I will root for him. Why not? We don't have unrealistic expectations, we'll just support him in his effort.
Jul 29, 2012
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movingtarget said:
LaFlorecita said:
movingtarget said:
Maybe but maybe not
The guy himself believes he has a chance, that's good enough for me :)

I was joking. What do I know.

Smarter than the average joe here, not saying much but at least you know better than saying Porte will win the giro based on 1 week stage races.

ray j willings said:
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