Amstel Crash

Just seen it on the live feed whilst getting english updates from the cyclingnews page, Frank Schleck and Matt Lloyd invovled. Didnt actually see it, ducked out for a minute. Doesnt look good from the pictures ive seen. Frank in neck brace on the strecher. There is an ambulance there. Hope they make a quick and good recovery.
Apr 3, 2009
Schleck has a serious head trauma, but he's always remaind conscious, according to Sporza who contacted the Saxo team doctor. Don't know if he has any other injuries or fractures. No news on Lloyd either.
Apparently it happened as freire came to the front to up the pace, lloyd and schleck tangled then both kissed the tarmac pretty solidly. Other than that dont know much more.
Mar 18, 2009
Lloyd has fractured 3 verterbrae and his pelvis, he isn't moving yet (though the prognosis is hopeful) and will be in hospital for at least a month.

Scleck was discharged earlier - seems the head trauma wasn't as bad as first thought and there's no fracture.