André Greipel Discussion Thread

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He crashed at the beginning of the race and wasn't able to contest the sprints so far. He definitely isn't as bad as Cav these days but I'm not expecting more than a top 5 if he sprints again.
He was solid earlier in the year. 3x top 6 in Australia. He crashed in february and dislocated his shoulder. Crashed again on stage one.
Not really sure if he will make it through the 3rd week but if he recovers he might be able to get a result on the last day. I think he has shown that he still has the speed to get some results when he is healthy but he isn´t willing to take any risks.
He crashed hard at 60km/h at 3km on stage 1 and hurt his knee. He couldn't really sprint after that, but he said that it gets better. On Stage 5 he worked for Hofstetter, because the finish was good for Hofstetter. So just bad luck at the moment. I don't know if he has the speed for a top5.