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Andrey Kashechkin

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Apr 14, 2011
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It is quite funny that this story appears days after these comments by Vino:

Kazakhstan cyclist Aleksandr Vinokourov said that his partner in Astana cycling team Andrey Kashechkin has to stop making loud statements in the media and concentrate on training, Tengrinews.kz reports.

“First of all Andrey has to go back to earth and work like all the other cyclists, take part in trainings, etc. I think that if he does that, other cyclists will change their attitude to him and he will understand everything. There was a time when he was achieving some results, not very high, but he has a talent. He needs to work, instead of screaming that he will win over everyone,” Vinokourov said.

Sep 25, 2009
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KazakhNeRider said:
Please check, I can't read original text on Kash personal site, but when I try google-translation to English - I believe that Kash said about new Astana trek's record, not the world one
you have a point...:)

‘le record’ can only mean ‘THE world one hour record‘ given the context and the linguistic peculiarities…

however, proper usage of definite and indefinite articles (particularly after machine translations) could be quite challenging for many slavonic speakers as they have none in their mother tongues.

given that in english indefinite article ‘a’ (une or un' in french) can also mean ‘one’ the subtlety gets even more pronounced…

anyways, sorry for the lingo diversion, this perfect article in English clears everything.

i’d love to see andrew succeed but i fear this is a pr case for the new track and the rider.
Ryo Hazuki said:
he has himself to blame as he's riding like pure **** for the past few years, he seems totally unmotivated

True, but we must remeber that the racing days over the past two years he had in lampre was next to nothing. Still i dont think he can achive his old level, but he can be a good domestique when he gets more race days.

We will see
yesterday he was pulling the peloton for some kilometers though.i give him that.
the problems with kash is that he's becoming a french...he already has house on the riviera,bank accounts.i don't think he has any motivation to suffer on a bike no more.that's it