Antoine Vayer

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Wrong. That's just the part some people chose to lose their minds over because they've been conditioned into a dogmatic, aggressive response against wrong-think (like sniffer dogs). People could easily focus on the fact Rousse & Alaphilippe are not saints & not trustworthy, but they allow current-year politics to dictate their thinking when rich celebrities & sports people (Rousse, for example) manipulate it & use it as a shield.

That's their problem, not mine.
So... because you label Rousse & Alaphilippe as "suspect" and "not trustworthy", Marion Rousse should have shut her mouth on the subject of this cartoon ? What a very twisted way of turning things upside down...

If you don't get the issue with that cartoon there's very little we can do to help you.

If you think people should shut their mouth when they're treated that way... ditto.

If I follow your way of reasoning (in short : conspiracy theories), I would suggest that Vayer asked for and posted that cartoon on purpose so that it would trigger Rousse to react and have him fired, so that he can pass for a witch hunt victim... :p

See how that works ?
I read the French version.
The author writes in bad faith on a number of the topics he touches. He makes it clear that he is just as qualified to talk about Portoleau's calculations (which he attributes to Vayer) as you are to teach us about the physics of black holes and the justification for Penrose's Nobel prize.