April 30th, Tour de Romandie Stage 4 ITT: Aubonne - Signal-de-Bougy, 20.1km

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May 25, 2010
Wow Cadel...you'll get 5 seconds of media attention in Aus now!

Still, he's on track for another great year, he'll be high up on the rankings again.
Like I said yesterday, it's pretty sick what Evans is doing.

2nd race of the year with 1 race-day in the legs, Tirreno, victory.
1st race after a break since Caalunya, Romandie, victory.

However, 1 big question mark, we still don't know how Evans fares in high mountains against the other big guns.
Romandie and Tirreno are all fun and stuff, but there's only hills there. Romandie didn't even use their mountains
Sep 9, 2009
Reuell said:
Except that Weening rode in the same conditions as the rest of the top ten and just had a very good tt today
Yeah, the best explanation is definately 19 guys on bad days rather than crap weather and 1 guy having a blinder.
Parrulo said:
that is one of the most epic moments ever!!!!

i almost sh*t a brick that day when i saw him attacking to pass mancebo in GC
It was Leipheimer like someone ask. He was attacking more for the Stage win and mainly as one last F-You to T-Mobile after they chased him down on a coupleof stages eventhough they were all supposely co-leaders.

The person that says that he lost someweight to help his climbing is right, because When he was alone in the TT, he does look to be 3-5 kilos lighter.

Completely forgot about Zabriskie being in this race, but good win for him and a very good ride for Evans also. Both well deserved winner and GC leader.
Oct 17, 2010
Wow, strange results for sure. I will just join the rest of the posters on the whole "talansky bandwagon". He has shown good TT results thus far but more important than that, he sticks to consistency at that.

Also worthy of note is Rui Costa. Not very impressive on the prologue an today, but better than I thought he would be at this stage, overall. If anybody have information regarding his season's schedule, it would be much appreciated.

Edit: oh, one more thing. When I heard of LL Sanchez move to rabobank I became surprised 1) he moved to a dutch team; 2) he moved to ateam where he wouldn't any more or less of a "leader" he was at caisse. Certainly, he would be chosen over Piti at Unzue's, but would't the same happen with Gesink (for example) at a one day/ one week/three week race, anyway. I hope he shows something till the end fo the season. If not, just go elsewhere. You can't go from good to bad this quick. Either there's a clinic-related explanation or his head just not there/not fitted to the team.
Costa's schedule hasn't really been public yet considering he's only been on the team for a short while, and of course scheduling was one of the reasons he and Unzué fell out in the first place; on the other hand beggars can't be choosers and Rui was, through little fault of his own, in the position to have to be begging for a ride.

I think Luís León was the prize item in the Caisse d'Epargne yard sale when it looked like the side was going to the wall. I think negotiations had gone too far with Rabobank to justify turning back when Unzué brought Telefonica on board. You could say there's a clinic side to things (he was implicated in the Jesús Losa thing a couple of years ago of course), but he really just doesn't look happy or comfortable at Rabo. Wouldn't be surprised if he ends up leaving fairly quickly. Maybe even scuttling back to Unzué - just like Cobo going back to Matxín after his dismal year with Caisse.
Feb 15, 2011
Neatly done by Cadel.

Happy for ACF as always.

Also great to see Cadel has finally started to appreciate ACF's efforts:


This image has been tampered with by the way.