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Arctic Race of Norway 2016

Live feed http://freehdsport.com/free1.html (Eurosport 1)

Steephill presentation: http://www.steephill.tv/arctic-race-of-norway/

Today Fauske → Rognan 181 km

Aug 3, 2016
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Really enjoyed todays race for differing reasons. The race considering i watched it all was mostly standard fare but the setting and the Norwegian people made it interesting. The scenary is stunning.

Also great to see Degenkolb back involved in finishes, i do like him. DVP is in fine form at the moment too and appears to be really improving.
I didn't watch the race, but I notice these two tweets:

Paul Voß ‏@paulvoss86 6m
'Viking of the day' should go to the camera motorbikes here in Arctic. They doing a good job in motor pacing riders. #ArcticRace #sarcasm

Matt Brammeier ‏@Mattbrammeier85 11m
So boys, what can we do about these motorbikes pacing breaks & the peleton? They are ruining our sport. @BrianCooksonUCI can you help us?
Feb 20, 2016
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Agree for the peloton, they had an easy job today what with the 4 motos pacing in formation ahead. For the breaks not so much. Great win for Moscon, what kind of rider is he - 3week or oneday?