Bernal vs. Pogacar vs. Evenepoel

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Vingegaard I think could be a Danish Aru. But who knows.

Bernal future is impossible to predict.

Remco will probably have a career trajectory similar to Sagan.

Vingegaard.. must see more, but very promising gc package overall. Better tt'er than Bernal.

Remco..needs to finish some GTs first before we know. And he's not Sagan by far, it's a status that is already now very hard to achieve. Needs at least 3 years winning crazy amounts of top races and at least one Words to be in the same mix. That's the reason why he is not the next Eddy. Pogacar IS in the same trajectory as Sagan, he just needs them 3 Worlds..
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Pogacar has never really been tested yet mentally . He has been too strong
Bernal & Roglic have been tested and have come back strong
I think the Arrate stage in Itzulia showed that he probably has the necessary mental strength. Or the way he dealt with his time loss in the echelon stage in his first Tour. That he slept like a baby before the La Planche TT and just destroyed the whole field. He was just a kid back then and the whole TDF circus didn't phase him at one bit.

It's true that hasn't been tested like Bernal & Roglic have, but it would be a surprise to me if he wasn't cut from the same cloth.
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