Best and Worst National Champs jerseys

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Would be great if he did win it. Imagine a whole DQ team lining out in different kits for a GT.
Well they had the leadout of Morkov, Richeze and Viviani all in national kits a few times last season...
And as I mentioned in the transfer thread; imagine if Archbold became the champion of New Zealand.
And don't forget that quite often they also had Jungels and (in the early parts of the season) Lampaert as national champions having important roles.
It's business as usual with Astana. There's a reason I'm secretly - or not so secretly now, I guess - happy neither Fuglsang nor Cort did the national championships this year, and Fuglsang haven't been for the last several years.
Gregaard did it, but there was no way he was going to win anyway.

And meanwhile someone on "" is saying that the DQ Danish jersey(s) are "boring"...
Quick-Step national champion jerseys are usually overrated by the public.
Their kits of Jungels or Morkov were pretty nice, Narvaez was outstanding in my opinion but they also whiffed on the Argentinian one for Richeze big time last year. So they had very good ones and very bad ones. This one of Bennett is somewhere in the middle. Not bad but also not special in any way.