Best and Worst National Champs jerseys

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Because the two bands of red and blue is traditional. As you couldn't/wouldn't stitch together dozens of small pieces of coloured fabric to make a union jack jersey 50-100 years ago a simpler design suitable for manufacture has to be found. The British Olympic Teams kit was regularly the same design around the time National Cyclists Union and the British League of Racing Cyclists amalgamated into BCF so iirc that's where the design comes from.

At the 1932 Olympics, the British teams wore kits with three horizontal bands. The two bands of red and blue seem to have been introduced for the 1936 Olympics.


The pog one reminds me of the old trek factory racing nat champs kits. Bad.

Fred Wright's though, is horrendous. British Cycling usually have a v strict template to use which hasn't happened here. I don't understand why?

I wondered if it was because its their TdF special, so the "real" jersey might be templated better given they'll have more time to do it, dont know maybe im just making excuses for how lacklustre it is.,

I'm just glad none of the GB Lidl Trek riders won it.

Hopefully Pfeiffers will just be the evolution of the one she had before just with the new sponsor logo as that was pretty swish as nat jerseys go.

Its the new aero helmet i'm more worried about...
TT champ Jos van Emden might not be racing, but there are still 2 dutch champions in the Tour...

Normally I don't think there's anything wrong with the bands as the dutch is a full tricolour (except Anne Terpstra in XC), but this washed out sandy grey colour and black panels makes me only think of a dutch flag and nothing else.
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