Best and Worst National Champs jerseys

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Alison Jackson's Canadian jersey is nothing special, but miles better than the Lidl-Trek Ava Holmgren CX national champs jersey.
Canada doesn't really have much wiggle room, there's only so much you can do with a maple leaf. It would be hard to make a bad design with it, and hard to improve.

I can't really think of any other iconic design for Canada.
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I guess they could make the maple leaf even smaller.
But the back of the jersey it what really counts, so we can pick them out on TV.

albeit oddly in CX its not, its the front, that counts :) road race absolutely its the helicopter shot that counts.

Id be prepared to put it down to them just chucking something together at the last minute given you can imagine it all coming together with the TrekLidl deal and then the chance to do the CX and then someone realising wait youre the Canadian champ, we need a Canadian champ jersey, oh just do the thing we did with the road team thats the whole flag on the whole jersey right, nah just stick a small maple leaf on it that will do.
Team DSMs new entries for worst attempts at national kits, which is infuriating as they had a really clean design last season for it.



NC kits should never simply be a flag in the middle of a white background.
Liepiņš' jersey is at least still better than Anastasia Carbonari's UAE version, which hasn't been improved by her getting promoted to the WWT squad.