Best and Worst National Champs jerseys

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The usual "attempt" from UAE
The Ben Healy version is essentially the version given to the winner on the day. Ireland got strict on the guidelines a few years back (although Healy's skinsuit is a bit of a departure)
They really shouldn't use the green/white/orange armbands either but they all do.

The version given to the winner on the day is just green and white. Using the green/white/orange bands is probably just a personal choice for each athlete.

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Joao is wondering why Brandon got a decent Nat Champion jersey and he didn't.

Unfortunately, the answer is probably "money".
I'm pretty sure Portugal previously used to be rather strict about their nat champ jerseys - demanding proper jerseys from Movistar, back when it was Movistar who made horrible nat champ jerseys - but if the Portuguese federation has financical troubles, they might not be able to afford taking up the fight.
While the US federation can afford it.