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Jun 16, 2009
Because today's syage is highlighted with a very long descent off the madeline I was wondering who do people think is the best desender in the wordl. Apologise if I miss anbody obvious pick for the poll.
Aug 6, 2009
I think Hushovd is an obvious pick you missed. But as Nevada says it's difficult to say because they're frequently not heading the front group and therefore aren't shown. I'll go with Hushovd, but solely because I think he won a poll among the riders for best descender, not because I actually have a clue..
I say The Canc. He's technically the best and most precise. Samuel Sanchez is just an incredible dare-devil who is unafraid to risk his life with every hairpin, while The Canc always looks smooth and under control.
Mar 19, 2009
Sean Kelly wold always say in eurosport that the sprinters were the best decenders... Maybe he is right:S although i guess it is hard for us to tell from watching on tv because these guys never really get shown on the big decents like todays......

I voted nibali anyway..... I have no idea either :S
Jun 16, 2009
what? no Cadel in the list? are you ill?

Serioulsy though, Thor is an obvious omission, but so is Robbie. I have seen numerous comments about him descending like a rock.

You can actually assess the skills some times. If someone is well off the back on the climb but back in the group early in the valley then you know they did something pretty scary
Aug 4, 2009
Some Columbian or Guatemalan no-one has ever heard of - descending like the TdF but on open roads and bad pavement.
L'arriviste said:
Only evidence I have for saying that Cancellara is a great descender is that famous vid from last year's Tour:

This fails to impress me. It's good descending, but its obvious he isn't giving it all and there's room left on both sides of the road in corners.

I see people saying Sanchez is just reckless but he is not. He only fell in a descent once (last Vuelta I believe, in the rain) but otherwise has very good cornering techniques, partly because of his motorsports interest.
Jul 5, 2010
Maybe the question is badly formulated or interpretated.

Maybe it should say "Who is the best descender where it makes a DIFFERENCE?"

It's the difference between scoring great goals in soccer and doing great trick shots on a empty goal: one wins matches and the other one don't.

When I see Hushovd riding away from a group and winning the race I might consider it the same way as I consider Nibali's descending skills - a winning weapon and a great entertainment for the (TV?)-spectators!

No offence mean't to any of the great descendeurs in the peloton.
Jul 14, 2009
Salvodelli won GT's off descending alone. Today I have no idea who the best is, but I think Mikhail Ignatiev, Jose Ivan Gutierrez, and Erros Cappechi should be on the poll. Or maybe you should just rename the thread, "What GT contender or potential GT contender descends the best."


Jalabert was nifty going downhill, as was Salvodelli.

Nibali for me is the best at the moment.