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Best descender in the world

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Best descender

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according to phil ligget today, sanchez is a pretty poor descender.


Apr 23, 2010
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I voted Cancellara because i think if he went max on the straights he would be pulling out and not losing much to Nibali on corners, on a technical descent like on the Grappa Nibali was truly spectacular, certainly superior to any GC contender the way he moved his body to lean and some of his transitions out of the aero tuck were so much better than anything else i have seen....
Mar 10, 2009
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Willy_Voet said:
Other: Paolo Salvodelli

(You didn't specify past or present :) )
Second that.

Well, other than me that is, but I'm not in the pro peloton. Never have been, never will be. Paolo could climb any route, descend, and climb again before I would give him a run on the downhill.
It has to be Kenny van Hummel. Look what he did last year at the Tour as he was dropped by everyone on nearly every climb, but still managed to descend like a madman to avoid the time cutoffs until he was injured. Of course, his injury may negate any claim that he has to this title.
Jul 11, 2009
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Bernardus said:
What a useless poll.

Please Sir do not question this poster. He has started many thread and has thousands of posts, you have very little.

Plus he is potentially violent.

And the best descender is obviously me. I am awesome.