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Better Win: Nibali 2014 TdF or Gilbert 2017 RVV

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Better Win?

  • Gilbert 2017 RVV where Sagan and GVA crashed

    Votes: 19 50.0%
  • Nibali 2014 TdF where Froome and Contador crashed

    Votes: 19 50.0%

  • Total voters
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silvergrenade said:
Summoned said:
PremierAndrew said:
Summoned said:
My contribution to the discussion of Nibali's performance in the 2014 TdF is to look at Valverde's time gap to him, as opposed to the time gaps the winner had on Valverde in 2015 and 2016. Not a perfect basis for comparison, but somewhat indicative, I would say.

You could equally say Peraud's performances in the 2014 and 2015 Tours are indicative of the level of racing in the two editions ;)

I can see your point, certainly, but the reason why I used Valverde as a basis of comparison was that he is probably the most consistent rider for the Tours 2014-2016.

Valverde himself said that TdF 2016 was where he hit a new level. So no, his performances have improved significantly across those 3 year.

He would certainly be a better judge of his performance than I, but from where I am forced to assess his performance in comparison to those of others', results are the most objective metric available.