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Big Thanks to Race Radio

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Dave_1 said:
No, email was around 20 years ago.Floyd could have emailed then if it had happened then. It was Floyd, not key board warriors that took Lance down. Floyd triggered it all. You flatter yourselves if you think otherwise.

I am an anonymous web poster. I am not looking for any credit.

You flatter yourself if you feel your oversimplification covers this situation.

This is not the place to raise any personal concerns you have with regards to a member.

If someone does not wish to disclose their identity or history that is their choice and we have to respect that.

This thread is not about RR or anyone else, it's for people to appreciate his and others' contributions to the forum.
andy1234 said:
Race Radio is like the count of Monte Cristo..... well maybe the guy who narrated the count of Monte Cristo anyway.

The moral of the strory.....those who can't, tweet.

Rather, those that can't appear to act as though they are in a dark room of severe depression and scared of the light from anonymous sources who tweet the truth.