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Bike swap 2006

Did you actually go digging through all that crap (even WITH the search function) to find that?

Honestly, some of you people just need to get a life or something. It's just cycling...it's not worth spending THAT much time over...unless you're actually on your bike or in the bike biz.
Aug 6, 2009
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david50 said:
15:07 CEST*** 126km/74.5km to go
Landis gets off the bike and gets a new one.
Was he mechanical doping, too?
93rd Tour de France - ProT
France, July 1-23, 2006
Stage 17 - Thursday, July 20: Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne- Morzine, 200.5 km

You realize that there's no actual proof that the equipment for mechanical doping even exists right? For Landis to be mechanically doping "too" someone else would have to be doing it, and all there's been so far is rumours.