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May 27, 2012
movingtarget said:
Sounded like a good fight. Geale's first fight in the US and it sounds like he will get more opportunities as the promoter was happy with both fighters. Geale said he thought it was close and two of the judges scored it that way. Maybe Geale was more disappointed with his own performance than the result.
Oh, it was fantastic. In the 6th round, Geale hit Barker hard in the liver and Barker dropped hard. He barely made it up for the count, and for the next minute was getting pounded and it looked like they should stop the fight...and then he hit Geale with a couple of good shots, and then a couple more, and at one point looked like he would knock Geale out. From the 7th on, Barker was just a monster. I know one of the judges gave the fight to Geale, but he wasn't watching the same fight as anyone else.
Aug 5, 2012
Great fight and genuinely happy for Barker.

Also Kovalev looks like he could knock out a Rhino, between him, Matthysse and Golovkin some hard hitters around atm.
Mayweather-Alvarez tonight. A good analysis on, and how boxing is doing quite well, despite all of it's problems.

Curious what Canelo has to do to win? Perhaps one advantage he has is that he'll likely weigh about 15 pounds more than Mayweather, but I think he's going to have to put hurt into Floyd early and wear him down some. Not easy to do considering Floyd's masterful defensive skills. I like Floyd by UD, and he might put Alvarez on the canvas late.
Aug 3, 2009
Canelo needs to land a good shot early to make Floyd change tactics,thats easier said than done.Everyone has a strategy till they get hit.Canelos a puncher so he always has a chance.His legs left him in the sixth round of his last fight,I hope he trained harder for this one.
Money man on a UD.
Unbelievable that one of the judges in the Mayweather fight actually scored it a draw. This was one of the same judges who about a year ago scored the fight in favor of Bradley over Pacquiao, resulting in one of the worst decisions in recent boxing history. How in the world this idiot judge can continue to be allowed to work major fights is beyond me. I didn't see the fight, but most of the sportswriters I respect said Mayweather pitched a shutout, i.e., won all the rounds.

Now I really hope Pacquiao wins big over Rios. If he does, that should restart discussion of a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight (which certainly wasn't helped by that shameful decision in the Bradley fight). There doesn't seem to be anyone out there other than Pac who could conceivably make a fight with Mayweather interesting. Alvarez, like so many before him, simply couldn't deal with Mayweather's speed. Pacquiao is, or at least has been, about as fast as Mayweather, and hits about as hard as Alvarez. Canelo was held to a little more than 20% connection on his punches, because he couldn't keep up. I have to believe Pac would do considerably better than that.

I'd still give the fight to Mayweather, because Pacquiao's close fights with Marquez show he has trouble with counter-punchers, and Mayweather is even better than that than Marquez. But Pacquiao's speed and accuracy would make it a lot harder for Mayweather to hit him without getting hit back.
Mar 25, 2013
He had the role for Apollo Creed in Rocky 1 only to turn it down in the end. That would have been interesting had he done it as he was still a fighter in his prime at the time.
Alpe d'Huez said:
Here's what I remember about Ken Norton, surmised by this article: He fought when boxing mattered.
Excellent article! Thanks for posting it Alpe. :) Reading it and the comments really took me back to a time when boxing was a great sport with great fights.
As was stated in one of the comments, today I would have trouble naming who the heavyweight champions and top challengers are compared to back then when I knew each and everyone plus the up and coming lions of the division.
gooner said:
Mayweather v Khan on May 3. Daily Mail say it will be announced in the next few days.
Khan's people denied this, and I haven't heard any more about it. Though Khan is an interesting opponent for Mayweather--his main weakness is a glass jaw which might not be so much of a liability with a defensive specialist--he's coming off a stretch of 3-4 very disappointing performances. It would be hard to build up this fight as a compelling match.

Anyway, forget Floyd. One of the most significant fights of the year takes place tonight: Marquez vs. Bradley. Though any fight can turn out to disappoint the hype, this has the potential to be a great one. Far more likely to be close and exciting than Floyd-Canelo ever promised to be. And the stakes are very high.

If Marquez wins, he becomes the sixth man in history--and first Mexican--to win titles in five weight divisions. He should be there now, the reason he isn't is because Pacquiao was robbed in his fight with Bradley. Pac clearly won the fight, and if he'd been given the decision, he would have held a welterweight belt when Marquez beat him last year.

Bradley is undefeated, coming off a slugfest in which he took so much punishment that he had slurred speech and memory loss for several months. He probably shouldn't be fighting at all, but as usual, these elite athletes rarely think of the long-term consequences of what they do.

My money is on Marquez, but he is 40 years old, whereas Bradley is in his prime. Neither fighter is really a KO specialist, and it will probably go the distance. If Bradley does win, it should give him a great chance to meet Mayweather. And I would give him a better chance in that fight than Canelo had.
Jul 10, 2010
Merckx index said:
. . .

Bradley is undefeated, coming off a slugfest in which he took so much punishment that he had slurred speech and memory loss for several months. He probably shouldn't be fighting at all, but as usual, these elite athletes rarely think of the long-term consequences of what they do.
. . . .
That is too bad - you're right - he shouldn't be fighting. I know it's how he makes his living and fighting that inertia is hard - but if he already had the kind of problems you are talking about, then it's about 100% likely he's also got significant brain deterioration already (ok, maybe only 98%).