Can Evans win this giro?

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Can Evans win this giro?

  • I dont care, I'm done with this giro.

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It was clear he was too old. Horner was aided in relation to Evans by his easier career, compared to a decade at the top for evans. And Horner really just is a massive anomaly. But 37 year olds aren't going to don't gts.
IndianCyclist said:
Yes but he should be higher. His performances have been very inconsistent. He beat Pozzo in Trentino, so he should have been able to beat him here.
Comparing 3 week races versus 1 week races are two completely different things. The body responds differently after the second and third week. Recuperation becomes paramount. That's when age really hits you hard.:)
Aug 16, 2011
It is.

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No but he'll come close.
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Hell no. Even if he has 10 min lead after first week, he still won't beat Quintana
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If Quintana crashes out, yes.
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I dont care, I'm done with this giro.
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Escarabajo said:
Comparing 3 week races versus 1 week races are two completely different things. The body responds differently after the second and third week. Recuperation becomes paramount. That's when age really hits you hard.:)
not comparing 3 week race with 1 week race. Evans has a pedigree w.r.t 3 week races compared to Pozzo. Preparation races( 1 week races) merely are an indication of who is in form & who isn't. 2011 Evans was in podium of most of the 1 week races he participated in prior to winning TDF. Ergo i expect him to beat Pozzo. Except that this year he has been pretty inconsistent with the collapse in Tirreno.
It's still possible, but at this stage he will have to rely on a few fortuitous lightning strikes and the odd meteorite taking out six or seven of the opposition. The poll does not ask if he will win, but if he can win.