Carlos Betancur discussion thread

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Racing in the Omloop today. I think I saw him still at the back of the bunch at 65k to go, so at least he's doing an effort.

EDIT: 33k to go, still in the race!
EDIT2: Finished the race, good job.
Seriously tho, Betancur has the ability to support Valverde well in the Ardennes. Much like Valverde, Betancur's most natural ability is his ability in hard, hilly terrain, so I expect him to get selected at least for Amstel and then see what he is able to do. He was also pretty good on the easier stages in Itzulia. Lets say he does well in the Ardennes, well, then lets pick him for the Giro as well if his health is good and he isn't completely done after racing against time in late April.
Escarabajo said:
Tim Booth said:
Carlos Alberto Betancur Gómez (Movistar) is back.
The Colombian cyclist aims for the Vuelta a España.
interview at
What happened to him in 2017 was a pity.

I think it would work out if they take him to the Giro. But I don't think he is listed for the selection.
Easy to forget that although he was overhyped so often there was actually one case where he seemed to be in genuinely good shape, but he crashed out of the race.
Time to crack a top 10 today in Liège? It's a long shot, he's not near the best 10 riders in this race, but with this weather conditions, there is a small chance.

Whatever his result is today, I like his racing schedule he announced in the interview earlier posted this month. After the Ardennes going to Romandie, then altitude training before Dauphiné, to build up towards the Vuelta. I really hope they don't send him to the Giro.