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Cavendish difference between cockiness and confidence

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May 6, 2010
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Angliru said:
I think you have missed the primary point that was being made and that was that Greipel only stated that based on his form and results leading up to MSR, he felt that he should have been at the start. He had a valid point since Cavendish had shown absolutely nothing to show that he was worthy of the team's complete support at that event. Cavendish's response to Greipel's statement was far from taking the high road and did absolutely nothing to enhance team unity. It was demeaning, insulting and mean-spirited not to mention juvenile, which isn't out of the norm for him. He has continued to insult Greipel continously through the media showing how very little class he has. He's knows that he holds the upper hand in the team based on his performances so he feels there is no likely ramifications from his statements.

I dont think I did miss the point because the particular poster I was responding to did not make that point. I agree with you to a point, I also hate to see riders slagging off teammates.

Having said that Greipel has his chance in the Giro at the moment to show some form. A tummy bug hasn't helped him but once again today he didn't show too much:

CN: "Of all the stages in this year's Giro this arguably best suited the big German but again he was nowhere to be seen when it counted."

I went to the TDU and he was great there
It's true that Cav is the fastest, the point I wanted to make when I opened the thread was that although real champions never disrespect the competition, because you begin to think you're invinsible and there is no such think as that in sports even 41 to 1 Iron mike got his a s s kicked by Buster Douglas and Mike's corner since they were "invincible they weren't even ready to revive poor mike with that silly glove full of water, anyway I'm a little carrie away with my Tyson analogy, I guess the point is well seen today, at the end there is no doubt Mark is the fastest sprinter.... but be careful becoming too confident/cocky or you will see more of this......