Celebrating Too Early/Late

Riders celebrating too early or too late never gets old. This is a thread for those guys.

Let's start with Matthews effort from today.
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I always liked Danilo Hondo in stage 6 of the 2010 Giro. Not because he forgot Matt Lloyd had already been there for over a minute, but because he failed to notice Rubens Bertogliatti rolling in for 2nd on the stage right in front of him.
Most embarrasing ever was Alexandre Moos. It was a stage in the Vuelta long ago. Andrei Zintchenko had attacked and won from a break or something many minutes earlier. Something like ten guys had passed the line. Then as the peloton approaches Moos attacks, he's really concentrated, looks back a couple of times and cruises over the line with a nice victory gesture. I guess he figured his attack was so super hard that no one could respond. Then a little later there were pictures of him arguing with people from the race organization.
May 26, 2009
I'm way too lazy to look for a picture. Zabel dropped the ball in Milan-San Remo(2004, I believe) and Oscarito took the win.
Tour de Suisse 2003, stage 4. Sandy Casar and Filippo Simeoni in the break with a healthy lead with 10 k to go. Unfortunately, they stop cooperating, and the charging peloton gets closer. With 1 k to go, there's visual contact, and Kim Kirchen jumps away from the bunch, passes the two in front, slows down to celebrate and fails to notice that Casar has caught onto him, and - ultimately - passes him on the finish line.


Aug 16, 2011
Armchair cyclist said:
Was it Betancur in the 2013 Giro?

And a Caja Rural in the 2012 Vuelta?

There was also a celebration a lap too early in California this season which was very amusing.


Can't remember specifically the incident in the Vuelta, but I think you might be right.

California, I love this one. The guy is just so happy and so psyched to take the win! Then he looks back...:eek:
May 26, 2009
I can't remember who it was exactly(I'm 100% certain it was a rider from South America, not sure if it's Mauricio Ardila)but in a stage in the Vuelta the KoM points were about 250 meters from the finish line, the guy sprinted for the KoM prize threw up his arms to celebrate and the other guy in the breakaway rode past and claimed the stage win.