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Chain Replacement & Shifter Hubs.

I need to replace the chain on my old rig. Running Ultegra 9 speed circa 2003.

Looking to buy online and there are a couple of options (HG93 & HG73) difference in price also. Are you paying more for one because of the quality? Will both of these fit a 9 speed Ultegra set up?

Also, The shifter hubs are completely shot and I have actually ripped one of them attempting to take it off. What is the correct way to remove and reinstall the hub covers please as I will need to order some replacements.

Thanks for any help offered.
Aug 4, 2009
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Durace 9 speed chains are very good but the lower priced chains are also OK
they all work well.

If the sprockets are worn you will need to replace them also.

The hood covers you need to getb some lube on the rubber to slide them on I have used break fluid also hair spray . something that will dry and not rot the rubber.