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Challenge Mallorca 2023 (January 25-29)

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This is probably the weakest top-10 I've ever seen in a one-day race with a field of this calibre.

Also knowing the race was really hard. It's straight up weird. I mean I know guys like Almeida probably didn't care anymore, and the QS team just blew themselves up, but those Proconti guy all still outperformed guys like Serrano and Buchmann who both tried. I guess lots of the good guys really struggled with the weather.

And obviously those Spanish riders are usually already aiming for this race while the good guys are just preparing other races here.
Goosens looked strong already on the first trophy. He put in a monster ride today. First victory as a pro for the belgian. Wanty again starting the season on a high.

The wheather surely took its toll. Also, several high profile riders burned themselves on the false flat after the downhill.

I think Kamna should have given a couple of turns with the Quick Step riders. Cian was clearly cooked and Kamna could have beaten the Soudal duo.

Strong performances for the youngsters Martinelli, Barre and Van Eetvelt. The three of them are looking good on this start of the season.
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No Puig Major tomorrow. 120km. Will be won by someone who wants to risks his life on the last (probably wet) descent.
Top 10 reminds me of that insane KBK years ago where everyone abandoned, you know the one where Stannard and Bobbie Traksel went off and Boonen etc called it a day. Not as infernal obviously but certain riders just thrive in terrible conditions, form goes out the window at times.
Yeah had to think about that legendary Traksel, Flens & Stannard Kuurne - Bruxelles - Kuurne Edition as well.

In the end only Hushovd and his lieutenant Roulston finished from the big favorites. Both completely frozen.