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Teams & Riders Chris Froome Discussion Thread.

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Is Froome over the hill?

  • Yes.

    Votes: 28 35.0%
  • No, the GC finished 40 minutes ago but Froomie is still climbing it

    Votes: 46 57.5%
  • No he is totally winning the Vuelta

    Votes: 18 22.5%

  • Total voters
Good course for Froome/Sky. Only Dumoulin/Sunweb can beat them in TTT/ITT, and not by much. I agree that many contenders will lose 1 or 2 minutes to Froome in the TTT plus another 1 or 2 (at least) in the final ITT. That's a lot. No Dumoulin, it could be an easy win if all goes well stage 9. But if Dumoulin shows up, no gimme.
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silvergrenade said:
Devil's Elbow said:
This one will be all on the first week for Froome, unless the required amount of rouleurs combined with having a rider less weakens the Sky train more than I expect. Dumoulin and Nibali are both better on the cobbles than him and there is always the chance that something happens echelon-wise. If Froome starts stage 10 with little to no deficit, only a Machucos before the final climb, a Formigal or a crash will stop him - all highly unlikely.
Not sure why you think that...
Porte has a team which can put time into Sky in the TTT. He may be a better climber than Froome himself. Even if they come out of that 1st week with nothing between them, its gonna be 50:50. Same goes for Quintana.
Froome has to come out ahead in the first week if he has to win this. He has to use the echelons and cobbles to distance rivals(Better climbers) not just defend. 2015 type. The good thing is that he has the team to get it done.
Domoulin better on cobbles? How?
Even if Domoulin, Nibali gain a minute on Froome on the cobbles, they wont be able to defend that in the mountains.

Yes, Porte might be the main Froome's threat.
But I'm not sure about Quintana.
Nibali and Tom - not in this route and with Bahrain and Sunweb teams.

Porte's issue as ever is avoiding self inflicted problems and bad luck. The cobbles could be an issue for him and others. The TTs shouldn't be a concern for BMC. Normally this would be a good course for Nibali but his team is weak so the TTT could be a problem. Froome will be favorite of course but this will be a better course for his challengers than 2017. If Porte and Quintana can survive the first nine days it could get interesting later. I am in two minds about Dumoulin. Facing Sky's best team in the Tour is much different to the Giro. Should be the GT of the season.

Dekker_Tifosi said:
I don't know who this Domoulin is. Can Silvergrenade educate me? However I do look forward to Chras Friime's performances

Tom Dumoulin (Dutch pronunciation: [tɔm dy.mu.lɛ̃];[2] born 11 November 1990)[3] is a Dutch professional road bicycle racer for UCI WorldTeam Team Sunweb.[4] In 2017 he became the first male Dutch rider to win the Giro d'Italia and later that year, the World individual men's time trial Championships. He is currently the reigning World individual time trial champion, and member of the reigning World men's team time trial champions (Team Sunweb).

But I think you already knew that.
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silvergrenade said:
Blanco said:
Dekker_Tifosi said:
I think he will be happy. Cobbles might be a bit of a scare. But enough TTT / ITT kilometers to distance the climbers, and not enough to get a scare from Tom. Easy 5th win

With Cookson's departure I highly doubt that Froome will win another Tour de France. I think it's end of an era. The question is who will benefit from this? Quintana, Dumoulin, French guys, or someone else?
As far as I remember, Cookson wasnt the president in 2011, 2012 or 2013.
Maybe we'll see 2013 Froomey back since Cookson is gone. Good riddance! :) :D :razz:

And who was? And from where is he? The truth is Sky had protection from highest places, it's over with it now.

hazaran said:
Looks like the Clinic is leaking.

I agree and we really don't want anyone to get a suspension.

Can all posters please be aware that if the mods interpret your posts as doping innuendo then you may end up with a suspension. We don't like the game of getting as close to saying doping while still being able to deny it so we won't play it.
Really nice hardware..
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silvergrenade said:
rick james said:
PremierAndrew said:
So, the Giro-Tour attempt may be on
Hope not
Why not? He can do the Giro-Tour double. :p ;)
Scratch that. He's the only one capable of doing the double. I would like to see it done before I die. :razz:
It’s just to big a risk for me, he would have to go into the giro undercooked, then hope to peak at Le tour just like he done for this years double, but the tour is a different beast...

I want him to go for a 5th tour, have a break then go all out for a Giro - Vuelta double in 2019..then he can retire
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glassmoon said:
PremierAndrew said:
So, the Giro-Tour attempt may be on
Seriously doubt it. 5th TdF win is just too much/big of goal to be endangered. Especially if NQ (+ML?,TD?) will focus on it.
Agreed. Froome won’t want to risk racing a fired up Landa and/or Dumoulin at the Giro until a 5th TDF is in the bag. If both do the TDF Froome won’t even entertain the idea of the Giro, he’ll need 100% form for the Tour.
I really don't understand the people that hope he won't try the double.
Do you have money on Froome winning the Tour that you don't want him taking the risk? Do you work for Team Sky?
Seriously, why a cycling fan, any cycling fan, either supporting Froome or not, woundn't wish for a rider to attempt something epic like the double? If he fails, he fails, but as a fan I'm after entertainment.

PS: btw, I don't think he'll try.