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Colorado goat in doping row

Mar 16, 2009
Don't eat goat!


Prize-winning Colorado goat in doping row

The grand champion goat from this year's Colorado State Fair has been disqualified after testing positive for an unapproved feed additive.

Margaret Weinroth, who raised Theodore the goat, will not receive its $5,500 (£3,500) sale price and is barred from future livestock events at the fair.

A second goat raised by the Weinroth family also tested positive for the additive, ractopamine.

They denied any wrongdoing and said their feed may have been tampered with. Margaret's mother, told reporters the family's animals have always tested clean

Tests carried out on Theodore's urine revealed traces of ractopamine, a muscle growth additive approved by the federal government for use by swine but not goats.
Looks buff. Like it would make a greater steak than you should reasonably expect.
What an excuse that would be.

"You found WHAT in my blood and urine?? I only eat meat from prize winning goats that have always tested negative until reaching my plate. I did all I could."
May 26, 2010
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craig1985 said:
Does anybody know if the goat in question has survived any serious illness, or trains harder than all the other goats?

The goat runs with a higher cadence than most normal goats. It also has a great vo2 max than most other goats......
Jun 16, 2009
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yep - as if you needed any further proof that sometimes the mods just don't know about something that is happening on the forum, it took me until 20minutes ago to notice that this thread/story existed....

..and well done Dr Masserati!