Compatibility table

Mar 10, 2009
Hello community!
There is a fantastic interactive table of drivetrain component compatibility (at least for Shimano and Campygnolo) on a website from New Zealand. But I've lost it and can't find it again. It can answer lots of questions on this forum.
Who knows?
Thanks in advance for your help.
Mar 10, 2009
It all works with each other, don't get into hype of something now working with brand X its BS. Sure you have to stick to 9sp to 9sp or 10sp to 10sp for some items but its all cross compatible.

Do you think the Pro races carry every possible combination to get one to work with the other? Heck I've used 9sp cassettes on 10 speed drive train in a pinch, it works, sure not super smooth but it works.

If you want things to work super smooth you need to state that in your question.

Ever see a derailure that didn't go the full range of any speed? No you just have to adjust the stop screws to allow it full range. Everyone freaks out when they see my bike has a lesser speed rear derailure but it works.