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Cool/Funny videos of pro cyclists

May 17, 2010
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Mario Cipollini-

Master Sprinter, World Champion, all-around ladies' man, fashionista.............and marksman.


Added bonus- motorbike slides out at the end. Seems both riders were ok though.

Anybody remember an interview vid with DZ relating to the journo a conversation with(I think) a Russian rider in the peloton culminating in the "Vaat game play? Vaat game play?" hysterics? Haven't seen it in probably 6 years and can't find it. Link, anybody? Classic DZ......
Ive posted this before but here it is on this thread.

RedheadDane said:
During last years TdS... Cancellara is giving a tour of the bus (in Swiss... but I think you'll get the point...) and someone brought their dog

Your lucky Libertine Seguros hasnt seen this post ;)

And last years TdF... I think this is before the 1st stage when they left Monaco, O'Gready's children are out to say goodbye... and prove to be very clever! (That part only starts at about 0:48 though...)

Oh. Damn it. Where is Jens when you need him. That video would have been even more awesome if he was there.
Mar 17, 2009
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Kwibus said:
That's such an disgrace. Hitting Skibby was ridiculous, but then he decides to drive over his bike.. wtf :(
I thought the same until I watched the slow motion bit at the end. Skibby falls before the car makes contact. He had to drive over his bike as the chasers were right behind and stopping on the Koppenberg ain't an option.
Does anyone have a copy of this video Eurosport did in the Tour de France in 2009 called Lance vs Contador.

It was basically a 3 minute video of Lance and Contadors relationship up to the disintegration at Verbier to the tune of Green day "Do you know your enemy".

It was definately cool, but i never could find it again.