Creating Polls

As you may have noticed the poll feature seems to be broken, but for those of you having trouble creating one there's a quick way around it. Follow these steps:

1. Create your poll, filling the Poll question and Poll options fields.

2. If you already wrote your OP, submit your thread as you normally would. Your poll is there but voting doesn't work.

3. To fix this click on edit post, go to the Poll creation tab you used to make your poll and erase one of the entries. Click submit.

4. Poll is missing an option, edit your post again and type the one you deleted. It should be working.

In any case you can ask a moderator for help.
Sep 6, 2012
That is what I thought but I didn't want to create a thread just to test. I'd recommend the sticky threads are reviewed and some un-stickied. On my desktop on loading this subforum only the sticky threads are visible without scrolling and at least a couple seem no longer relevant.