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Critérium du Dauphiné 2023, June 4 - 11

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Tomorrow's final climb, a little harder than the roadbook suggests. Will be disappointed if we get zero GC action.
Going to awesome to see Hindley tested if he brings his top form like the last mountain in the giro 2 years ago. Might be like Cadel
Vs Contador and Chicken following for a few stages when no one else could. . Might be easily best of rest
Hindley is a classy climber and has obviously worked on his TT, I think winning last years Giro has given him the confidence and self belief to go for a result against Pog and Vinge, if anything goes wrong for those 2 it wouldn’t surprise me to see him winning the Tour.
De Gendt, Politt, Boasson Hagen, Zimmermann, Greegard and Heinscke 3 minutes ahead of the peloton.

This is a strong break!

Not sure. De Gendt has become one of the weakest riders of the peloton, Boasson Hagen is long past it, too, Heinschke, I wouldn't rate him too highly. Gregaard is okay. Leaves Zimmermann and Politt who are indeed strong riders, put not demigods.
Sure, in these times such a break seems stronger than average... but looking at the quality of riders behind this should be doable.
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I don't know since when exactly. I don't think it's just bad luck, it's either a serious decline or him being the same and others just being better.
And I don't mean to be mean, that's just what I think about his level and what one can expect from him.
He himself was saying last year he felt his level was 'suddenly' below that of much of the peloton and was thinking about his future.
But then he won a Giro stage so all good i guess.
However pretty quiet since then
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